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Macro Calculator for Selected Area

Symbol parameter unit Symbol parameter unit Symbol parameter unit
_01-SYM_ _01-NAME_ _01-UNITS_ _13-SYM_ _13-NAME_ _13-UNITS_ _25-SYM_ _25-NAME_ _25-UNITS_
_02-SYM_ _02-NAME_ _02-UNITS_ _14-SYM_ _14-NAME_ _14-UNITS_ _26-SYM_ _26-NAME_ _26-UNITS_
_03-SYM_ _03-NAME_ _03-UNITS_ _15-SYM_ _15-NAME_ _15-UNITS_ _27-SYM_ _27-NAME_ _27-UNITS_
_04-SYM_ _04-NAME_ _04-UNITS_ _16-SYM_ _16-NAME_ _16-UNITS_ _28-SYM_ _28-NAME_ _28-UNITS_
_05-SYM_ _05-NAME_ _05-UNITS_ _17-SYM_ _17-NAME_ _17-UNITS_ _29-SYM_ _29-NAME_ _29-UNITS_
_06-SYM_ _06-NAME_ _06-UNITS_ _18-SYM_ _18-NAME_ _18-UNITS_ _30-SYM_ _30-NAME_ _30-UNITS_
_07-SYM_ _07-NAME_ _07-UNITS_ _19-SYM_ _19-NAME_ _19-UNITS_ _31-SYM_ _31-NAME_ _31-UNITS_
_08-SYM_ _08-NAME_ _08-UNITS_ _20-SYM_ _20-NAME_ _20-UNITS_ _32-SYM_ _32-NAME_ _32-UNITS_
_09-SYM_ _09-NAME_ _09-UNITS_ _21-SYM_ _21-NAME_ _21-UNITS_ _33-SYM_ _33-NAME_ _33-UNITS_
_10-SYM_ _10-NAME_ _10-UNITS_ _22-SYM_ _22-NAME_ _22-UNITS_ _34-SYM_ _34-NAME_ _34-UNITS_
_11-SYM_ _11-NAME_ _11-UNITS_ _23-SYM_ _23-NAME_ _23-UNITS_ _35-SYM_ _35-NAME_ _35-UNITS_
_12-SYM_ _12-NAME_ _12-UNITS_ _24-SYM_ _24-NAME_ _24-UNITS_ _36-SYM_ _36-NAME_ _36-UNITS_
Enter equation using dataset symbols from the above table. Example- (D1 + D2)/2 + sqrt(D3)
Equation -  Force range to: Min=  Max=
Options - Equation for Cell Cumulative: CC =   Number of grid cells: NC.
All arithmetic operators could be used, such as: + - * / ** (?:), as well as most of commonly used scalar functions (help), such as sqrt(), abs(), exp(), log(), sin(), cos(), tan(), etc.
Parameters and functions are case insensitive, and spaces are allowed. Use Log Scale   Use high resolution for data alignment
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Calculation Results for Selected Area

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